Glenn Caruso Clinic – Rome, May 28th-29th 2016


The event that Coaches and Managers who aims to build a successful team cannot miss


Glenn Caruso

Glenn Caruso Clinic

CONI Palazzo delle Federazioni – Via Tiziano 74, Rome

Take your team to the TOP, with Vision and Planning.

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Building a successful team is not a matter of moneythis is the answer that Coach Caruso gave to some Italian friends complaining about the situation of teams in their country comparing with the US teams – it is alla about the vision and the planning!

Saturday, May 28th:

17.00: Introduction
18.00: Peolpe, part 1: the Staff
19.00: People, part 2: the Athletes
20.00: On the field, Part 1: the Offense
21.00: Buffet Dinner

Sunday May 29th:

08.00: On the field, Part 2: the Defense
09.00: On the field, Part 3: the Special Teams, the Rules,the Referees
10.00: From Theory to Practice, Part 1: Exercises and Guidelines
11.00: From Theory to Practice, Part 2: Exercises and Guidelines
12.00: Clinic closing
Afternoon: all Coaches and Managers are invited to attend the game Marines @ Grizzlies with Coach Caruso


Team Building and Glenn Caruso:

Coach Glenn Caruso is the man behind the “miracle” that transformed the University of St. Thomas, which hadn’t had a winning season in over a century, into an undisputed Division III powerhouse. He has earned his place among the elite of American football coaches, and is also in high demand in the business world as a speaker and consultant. Named the winner of the prestigious “Coach of the Year” award four times by the American Football Coaches’ Association (AFCA), Coach Caruso owes his success to his all-round expertise and incredible knack for explaining how to clarify your vision and manage whatever tools you have to make it happen.

Thanks to his great passion for his native country Italy and for our football, which he follows online and through his friends in Turin, Milan and Rome, Coach Caruso has agreed to share his ideas and strategies with us at a special event that will be an absolute first for Italy and proudly presented by #ASSOFOOTBALL.

Before talking Xs and Os, a winning strategy is built on planning and team management … If you’re a coach, a manager or dream of being one, this is one date you won’t want to miss!



Fell free to contact us for further information:  or +39 0331 770343

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